Sunday, February 26, 2017

Top 5 Spring 2017 Nail Polish Picks

I know we are still in Winter, especially with the third snow storm scare in Vancouver this past week. But I've been wearing brighter colors on my nails for a few weeks already and I can not wait for spring to come! In anticipation, I've rounded up 5 of my favorite colors that'll be a must have for your nail polish picks this Spring!

1) CND Sugar Cane- $10.50
Available at Trade Secrets, Chatters, other local salons and online.

This shade is actually from the Summer 2017 collection but would be perfect for Spring. I don't own any shades like this and it's such a fun way to wear green! Since it's lighter, I feel like it's also appropriate for the office and I got a gorgeous manicure with this color from the launch event last week! I have no chips and it's been about 3.5 days!

2) Essie Meet the Parents

This has been one of my favorite shades for a couple of years now! I found this at Winners actually for $5.99! The baby blue is just so romantic and flattering. I've never really liked the old essie brushes but the formula is quite easy to work with! I'm not sure if this shade is still available a similar shade would be Bikini So Teeny.

3) Essie Mojito Madness- $9.99
Available at London Drugs

This polish is pretty new to me and I first featured it in my Greenery round up. I've never been that into green nails before but I'm clearly turning over a new leaf with 2 green shades in this round up! This shade still has a deepeness to it that will transition well from winter to fall. The brush is still not the easiest to work with but the new essie packaging has a much more user friendly brush.

4) Mary Kay in Luminous Mauve- $10

Since I started receiving Mary Kay products to review late last year, I have always been impressed by their nail lacquers. They are usually opaque in one coat although I do 2 coats for longevity. The brush is easy to use and the formula is smooth. Lavender shades like this are some of my go-tos in the Spring and Summer. This shade contrasted with a gold on the ring finger would be amazing!

5) NYC in Penn Station Pink- $3
Available at Walmart

NYC is a budget brand that consistently puts out quality products especially their nail polishes. If you are on a budget, I would definitely recommend checking out the NYC range. Since most of my other shades are pastels, I know I needed to add a bright shade to the mix. I usually use this type of color on my feet as I find it makes me look I have a tan when in reality I've been stuck indoors for 4 months!

Which of these shades is your favorite? What's your go to color for Spring nails?

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