Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Tea Box- March 2017 Subscription Review

If you read my empties posts, you'll notice I usually have at least a few bags of loose leaf tea. I normally get them from David's Tea but since they started using artificial flavoring, I've been trying to branch out and find some alternatives.

Recently I discovered My Tea Box, which is a tea subscription box based from Canada! The monthly cost is $24.99 and includes shipping and taxes. I received the March 2017 box for review so let's take a look at what blends I received.

First off, they totally nailed the packaging. The box came in a super slim cardboard package with very cute paper products. Inside, there was a card with matching color scheme welcoming me to the subscription. Each month, you'll receive 3 teas. I also received tea filters and also the cutest tea spoon. Attention to detail is apparent as each item is carefully packaged and presented!

The three teas this month are Sugar Shack Smokey Maple (black tea) Peppermint Matcha, and Strawberry Sunshine (herbal). Let's take a look at each in detail.

I started getting into loose leaf tea because of the unique blends and flavors available. So I was super excited to see a smokey maple flavored tea in this box. Even though I've tried a ton of blends, I've actually never had a tea that is a smokey flavor. This tea pays tribute to sugar shack time in Canada.

When I first opened the package, I was taken back by the smokey smell, it was a lot stronger than expected. It smelled like a camp fire and I was instantly excited to try and brew this. Although it is a very strong smokey smell, it actually tastes quite mellow and was a delicious black tea with a hint of sweetness.

Next we have Peppermint Matcha. Matcha lattes are some of my favorite drinks but for some reason haven't been able to master making matcha at home. The powder is very fine and dissolves easily in water. I'm not sure why I put it in the tea filter, but for this you can just drop the powder directly in your mug. 

The peppermint note is definitely apparent and quite delicious. I think I need to add milk to the mix though as when I had it on it's own it feels too runny. I did like that this was included though as it's a pretty unique type of tea.

Lastly the Strawberry Sunshine tea is a non-caffeinated option. I like to drink tea after dinner so I very much appreciated that there was an herbal option in the box. This tea brews out pink probably due to the hibiscus and is an easy drink. Although it's called Strawberry Sunshine, there's no strawberries in the ingredients.

The taste is quite sweet and I think this would definitely be a great iced option. The flavor is fruity but I can't tell specifically what fruit it is. It says it contains Vitamin C though which is amazing as I need all the help I can to get through the rest of this season without being sick! 

Each of the blends will last you at least 5 cups! I really enjoyed trying out all the options and have to say I liked the flavoring of all 3. If you drink tea daily, you may need to supplement your tea supply with other sources. It is a bit pricey as each cup would equate to approximately $1.67. However, I loved the curated experience and would definitely recommend it as a gift for a tea lover or if you are interested in experiencing unique blends to compliment your existing tea collection!

If you are interested in the service, you can receive 15% off any subscription, just use the code RAINCOUVERBEAUTY! There is no commission linked for me, but just a nice perk for my readers if this interests you!

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