Thursday, March 9, 2017

Purple Gradient Eyeshadow Look ft. Mary Kay Spring 2017

The Mary Kay Spring 2017 collection is probably one of the best launches since I started working with the brand last fall. The packaging is beautiful and the products all perform really well! I reviewed their lip oils recently and have now added them to my purse for daily use! I was also really drawn to the eyeshadow palettes that are limited edition to this collection.

There's has been enough neutral palettes of all variations in the market place, and I was so excited to see unique colors. Sunlight is a mix of pink and orange and I can see this being a beautiful fresh look. I decided to do a look using Glistening Horizon which is a blend of purple and blues.

The product came in a plastic casing but I wasn't sure if there is suppose to be an actual palette in which to plop this into. It's nice that it's so compact but I also wish there was a pretty outer packaging. The shades have medium pigmentation so it is easy to create wearable looks that aren't too in your face. It had really decent wearing power by using a makeup mist and the look was fresh for 10+ hours.

So the look I came up with features a gradient purple ombre. I really wanted to create something that's unique and fresh for spring but also actually wearble in public. I'm not used to having so much color on my eyes so when I first did it, I thought it was way too bold. But after leaving it on for a few hours, it started to grow on me and I felt it was definitely wearable even to the office. Let's get started with the steps!

  • Make sure you prime your lids to make the colors pop. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion

  • Take a fluffy blending brush and go into the dark purple color to start. I try to keep it just above my crease. Then I take a more precise brush and blend in a more concentrated spot.

  • Take a flat brush and pat the royal blue shade in the center of the lid. I found this shade to have a bit of fall out so try not to brush the color back and forth.

  • Take the same flat brush and pat the shimmery champagne shade in the inner third of the lid. I found by now the royal blue shade has worn off a bit. So I kind of go back and forth layering each color until achieving the intensity I want
  • Use a clean brush and blend all the shades together. This step is really important to achieve an ombre effect instead of 3 distinct colors.

  • Don't forget about the lower lashline. I usually just go in the same order as the upper lashline. However, instead of the champagne color on the inner lid, I used the light blue shade instead.

  • Finish off with a liquid liner about 2/3 of the way on the upper lash line. Use mascara on top and bottom lashes.

It was really fun creating this and I hope to do more creative wearable looks! Do you venture with your eyeshadow or are you more of a neutrals girl? Let me know what you think of this look and any tips for other spring eyeshadow looks.

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