Sunday, April 16, 2017

Prescription Sunglasses with

Having bad eyesight is pretty annoying sometimes, especially in the summer time when I want to just throw on a pair of sunglasses. I end up having to put in contacts first any time I want to wear sunglasses. I've wanted prescription sunglasses for a while now and am so glad I got the chance to test out a pair from

I find that I'm always scraping by in my optical insurance. Between new glasses and contacts, I end up never having enough insurance room left over to get prescription sunglasses. Since they are usually at least $200, I haven't made the splurge. But these ones are easy on the wallets coming in at only around $35 including lenses!

Selection: There are about 150 styles of prescription sunglasses available on their website. They range from classic to very trendy. I picked the Channing Aviator in Golden. I wanted a pair of blacked out sunglasses and aviators are usually fool proof. The lenses are not as blacked out as expected but they do give off a very "cool" vibe.

Pricing: The most amazing part is the pricing. The range is from $30-$60. The price includes the glasses frame as well as the lenses which is so fantastic.

Shipping: The glasses shipped from China. It was registered March 23rd and arrived April 10th. It's about a 12 business day shipping which is a bit long but still relatively good for overseas shipping.

Quality: The glasses came in a clear plastic case. The case is compact and does the job but does look pretty cheap and I would probably switch into another case. The frame is pretty light and when tapped gives off the hollow metal sound. However, the fit is actually quite good and the hinge feels sturdy.

The lens itself was a bit weird for me to adjust to at the beginning. I put in my normal prescription but I don't think it is fully clear, or maybe because it's so tinted that it's harder to see? However, after wearing them for a full day, I felt much more comfortable in them.

I would definitely recommend checking them out if you need a second pair of glasses or are looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses that won't break the wallet! These would be perfect for those days you might be going to the pool or stuffing it in your tote bag. It's not going to be the most high quality but for the price, it's a really handy pair to have!

Coupon Code: If you are interested in trying a pair, here's even more of an incentive. Use GSHOT50 and get 50% off glasses and sun glasses!

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