Sunday, April 2, 2017

PROJECT PAN: Finish Six by Summer Intro

It's been a while since I last did a project pan on my blog! While I'm still trying to use up as much of my makeup as I can, it's been a bit of a lull as a ton of new Spring releases came out and I can't keep my hands off testing the new things. However, I'm determined to get back on track and use up these six products by Summer!

Start: April 1, 2017
Finish: June 19, 2017
Goal: Finish 5 of the products and hit pan on the eyeshadow

#1- Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist

When did I get it: February 2017
How much left: 90%

I just posted about Pixi beauty in my previous entry. This is one of the new products I got from the press event. I've been keeping a mist at work to keep myself awake during busy season and have really been enjoying the refreshing feel. I plan on using this at least once a day.

#2- fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy

When did I get it: December 2016
How much left: 90%

This is a lightweight serum that I'll be using instead of lip balm every night! I got this from a fresh gift set during the holiday season. I'm just starting to use this as I finished up my eos which was previously my lip balm before sleep every day. Is anyone else suffering from consistently chapped lips?

#3- THEFACESHOP Milky Moisture Tint

When did I get it: October 2015
How much left: 75%

I featured this product over a year ago in my Too Cute to Use series. I've kept it in my makeup storage since but wish I got the chance to use it earlier! I use this on my lips and it gives the most gorgeous orange flush. I'll actually be featuring this again in a tutorial next week! I hope to use this at least once a day.

#4- Tocca Florence

When did I get it: November 2016
How much left: 40%

I'm so glad I picked up the Tocca perfume set during Black Friday! There were three scents in the kit and it's such an affordable way to try the brand. Florence is nothing like anything I've smelled before! It has a lot of green coming through but feels so sophisticated. I think I'll have no trouble finishing this one!

#5- Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

When did I get it: December 2015
How much left: 50%

I don't understand how this product is still not done! There's only 5mL of product and I feel like I've used it every day for 6 months AT LEAST. I kind of go back and forth between how much I like this. I found that in more humid weather, this worked a lot better for me. I'm hoping with another 3 months of daily use, that I'll be scraping the sides.

#6- Ciate London x Chloe Morello Palette (Skinny Dip)

When did I get it: November 2016
How much left: 40% till hitting pan

I've been trying to limit myself to the number of eyeshadow palettes I buy since we all know it's impossible to finish one up. My goal is to hit pan on skinny dip! It's really easy to use in the crease or sometimes even all over the lid. I hope to use it three times a week.

If you are doing something similar, please link me! We can keep each other motivated to use up products in our stash!

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