Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Makeup Look #1: Orange Flush

The change of a season means new trends for makeup! I've been switching up my look for a more fresh and airy look by having an orange/coral flush all over. If you're looking for inspiration to change up your Spring makeup then read on!

I got inspired to do this look with two products:
-THEFACESHOP Milky Moisture Tint
-Too Faced Love Flush Blush in I Will Always Love You

The focus of this look is to perk up your complexion and I find coral a much easier color to wear on the cheeks than red/pinks. Also, I feel this looks gives a bit of a tan/glow which is much needed after 3 months of hibernating indoors.

For the lips, find a water based tint that is a true orange/coral color! The pigmentation should be between sheer to medium as you don't want it to be full coverage. Formulas like this will just stain your lips making it look naturally flushed and bright. I chose to use THEFACESHOP Milky Moisture Tint but here are some alternatives: 

Pretty much I just swipe the color on my lips and pat in with my fingers. This will keep the look natural and also accidentally creating a bit of an ombre effect.

I have pretty red cheeks normally so I tend to stay away from red/pink blushes. I find coral blushes so much more flattering! I know matte looks are in but I actually like that this blush contains some sheen already. It helps to accentuate the fresh glowy look. I didn't add any additional highlight, but you definitely can to make the look more dramatic.

I used I Will Always Love You from the Too Faced Love Flush Blush line up. Some alternatives are:

For the rest of the look I would use a tinted moisturizer or a more glowy foundation to keep the theme of the look. For the eyes, I went for a very basic brown neutral look to just add some depth but not fight with the orangey cheeks and lips. I've been wearing this most days to work and only takes about 10 mins to do my whole face!

Here is a better look at the orange flush on my cheeks and lips. Everything looks natural and glowy which is perfect for Spring! Tell me about how you have switched up your makeup routine recently and what looks you want to try this Spring?

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