Monday, May 29, 2017

THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in PP02 Review + Ombre Lips Demo

Hello! It's been a while since I did a beauty review but now that my busy season and Europe travels are done, I'll be back blogging full force. For today's review, I'll be sharing THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in Talk about Magenta. I've actually had this in my collection for about a year but never really used it as it looks very intimidating in the tube! However recently, I've been using it to achieve the trendy ombre lips look!

Name: THEFACESHOP Ink Gel stick
Price: $15
Size: 1.5g
Shades: Available in 12 different shades.
Find it at THEFACESHOP online or in stores.

Packaging: The packaging of this lipstick is very simple and compact. I like that it's a much thinner tube than most lipsticks and therefore easier to toss into a small bag. I also like that the top of the lid shows the shade number and it's also colored so you can easily identify what you're looking for. The tube is more like the slippery MAC packaging instead of the rubbery NARS packaging. The twist up mechanism doesn't seem very reliable but so far it hasn't gotten stuck so fingers crossed.

Formula: The lipstick is really creamy and smooth and you only need to use the lightest pressure to get bold pigmentation! The finish is very glossy so this is not for you if you want a matte lip look. I love lipsticks with shine though so this is fantastic for me. The formula stays very smooth on the lips but also light weight! It has almost a water based consistency feel but with intense pigmentation!

It has a slightly sweet fruity scent which you will be able to smell if you apply all over your lips. But if I'm using it for ombre (see below for demo) then I can't really pick it up.

Shades: I have PP02 Talk About Magenta which is a bright vivid pink with purple under tones. It is surprisingly flattering on my skin tone. The other 11 shades are mainly in the pink and red family and most of them feature bright colors as well!

Ombre Lips Demo

I apply the Ink Gel Stick about half way up the top and bottom lip and staying within the inner 2/3 of the lips width. It's usually easier to do this by dabbing the product vertically to make sure the color stays within the center of the lips.

Then I take my fingers and light push the product up to the edge of my lips without dragging. Make sure you use a dabbing motion or the color will be too intense on the edges! I also found the pigmentation of this to be quite strong and I would switch fingers if I got too much color on my finger tips. And voila, you have a naturally faded ombre lips look using only one product!

I'm a big fan of this affordable, high quality lipstick. The color is a bit too bold for me to wear all over the lips. However, it's the perfect color to use for the new ombre lips trend! The formula feels comfortable on the lips and you'll definitely be impressed by how smooth the color glides on!

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