Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Skincare Review

If you walked by a THEFACESHOP store recently, you might have seen promo posters for Dr.Belmeur Lab. If you're wondering what it is, I have a review today for 3 of their products. The Dr.Belmeur brand is part of THEFACESHOP family and was created to provide key solutions to common skin problems!

Currently, there are two sets of skincare products. The first is a daily repair skincare system meant for dry and sensitive skin. The other is a clarifying skincare system meant for acne prone skin. I'll be focusing on the daily repair system as I have dry skin! The three products I tested are the Toner, Moisturizer and Ato Salt Cream.

Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream- 80mL $42

This product is formulated with 8% dead sea salt and provides deep moisturizing and itch relief! Since it's summer time, my skin is not as dry so I didn't feel like I needed this level of moisturizing on my face. My body though is another story! I have pretty bumpy skin on the outside of my upper arms and thighs, so I've been using this as a body lotion and have seen some great results!

The product is on the thicker side and although it doesn't feel greasy, it does take a bit of time to sink in. It's more of a covered in gel feel instead of covered in oil. Immediately though, I can feel that the skin is smoother! I didn't have itchy skin to start with so I can't comment on that aspect of the claim.

There is no scent to the product as there are no artificial fragrance included. It feels like a power horse product getting right to work!

Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Toner-  200mL $28

If you don't already have a toner in your routine, you should consider adding it! I especially like using it when I'm using a makeup wipe or micellar water and I feel like there's still traces of the product/makeup on my face. This toner has a bit of a thicker consistency which adds to the hydration aspect of the skincare system.

I usually squeeze out 3-4 drops on to a cotton pad and lightly wipe all over the face. There is a light floral scent which I enjoyed.

Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizer- 120mL $32

Following the toner, I've been using the moisturizer on my face day and night. The product is a very light consistency almost gel like. There is a stronger floral scent than the toner but still very natural smelling.

I haven't noticed dramatic changes in my skin but the texture was very nice and it kept my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Overall I found the line up very calming and can see it being great for people with dry and sensitive skin! My favorite product was the Ato Salt Cream as I felt like I saw results right away! The toner and moisturizer were also nice to use but I didn't notice any dramatic differences to want to make the switch. The price point is great for those looking to take a leap into quality skincare.

What's your current skincare? Which of these products would you want to try the most?

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