Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mary Kay Beauty that Counts Baked Cheek Powder Review/Swatch/Demo

I have been trying to play catch up with my reviews every since I went on vacation in Europe in May! I tried to pack a pretty small amount of trusted makeup products when I went away, so I had a bit of a lull with testing new makeup. I'm so excited to get back into a good blogging schedule as I have tons of products to go through! Today I'll be sharing the Mary Kay Beauty that Counts Baked Blushes ($23 each).

Under the Your Beauty That Counts® initiative, Mary Kay will donate $2 from each sale to the The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. The foundation assists women living with cancer and to help end violence against women. This is happening in Canada, from May 16, 2017 through August 15, 2017!

Packaging: The blushes come in a round black plastic compact. It was hard to photograph as it was quite reflective. There is a big Mary Kay logo on top but other than that, it is quite simple. When you open up the packaging though, you'll see that the blush is in the shape of an adorable heart! I thought this looked so cute and was well executed. However, the packaging doesn't have a mirror which would have been very useful.

Shades: There are 2 shades to choose from- Kind Heart and Giving Heart. The shades were designed so you can wear each of them alone or swirl together. If you use them together, you would get the color from Giving Heart and the glow from Kind Heart.

Giving Heart: Pictured above is Giving Heart which is a medium pink. You can kind of see a silver duochrome in the pan but it comes through a lot more in the swatch. It shows up as a true pink on the cheeks with lots of silver glow.

Kind Heart: For those who like corals more, Kind Heart is a better option. When swatched, it gives off a duochrome of coral and silver. When swatched, the duochrome really comes through and gives a glow but with a bit of a frosty finish.

Formula: I had pretty low expectations because I saw the word "baked" in the product name. Usually my experiences with them are that it's dry, flaky and low in pigmentation. I'm happy to say when swatching, the product is smooth and soft! When first applied, there wasn't too much pigmentation but it's actually very easy to build up. However, the duochrome builds up too so I feel like by the time I end up with enough color pay off, I'm having too much silver frosty glow.

Kind Heart on my right cheek and Giving Heart on my left cheek. You can kind of see the silver duochrome coming through for the glow but in person it is very evident!

These blushes are really pretty to look at, and especially pretty to photograph next to these flowers and candles. However, the colors are not really what I'm looking for. Maybe if your skin tone was lighter, you wouldn't have to build up the color as much and the "glow" wouldn't be as frosty. I think the coral color is a lot more flattering on my skin tone and if it wasn't so frosty, it would definitely be a staple in my summer makeup!

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