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Must Try Desserts in Los Angeles- Summer 2017

I recently went to Los Angeles for 4 days and had some delicious food and drinks! I did quite a bit of research on finding unique and top rated places, so hopefully this can be a handy guide for fellow bloggers and tourists! Today's post focuses just on the snacks/desserts/coffees we had! I'm hoping to do another one on the restaurants/bars we went to.

Milk Jar Cookies

Milk Jar Cookies specializes in cookies, ice cream, and milk! We went for the ice cream sandwich but was really glad we decided to just share one! You get a huge amount of ice cream packed in between two pretty heavy cookies. The flavors available are pretty generic but you can taste the pure ingredients such as butter and flour.

I would actually recommend getting the cookie + 1 scoop of ice cream ($5) instead as we actually had no idea how to eat our ice cream sandwich. We ended up just splitting it up and eating separately as it's way too big to bite into. The decor and ambiance is fantastic and you feel like you're in a cute tea shop. It was a fun experience but the food was average tasting. 3/5

Snow Monster

I love to have bubble tea, so when I saw the adorable glasses on Instagram, this was a spot we had to hit up! You can order drinks in normal plastic cups but I'd really recommend to spend the extra $2 and get the light bulb cup. You get to keep it too and it's a great souvenir. Their sunset strawberry lemonade was really pretty and tastes great too! There are options to get cotton candy around the top and also flower leis.

I also got sucked in and bought a macaron sandwich as well. The design was just so adorable and you can choose what flavor of ice cream to stick in the middle! The actual taste of the one I picked wasn't great (it was almond flavor which just seemed like no additional flavor). Even though it's a bit more expensive than your normal bubble tea, I thought the serving size was huge and I got to keep the bulb. The cutestness of the shop and their logo "eat dessert, be a monster" makes the overall experience so fun! 5/5


There are so many delicious restaurants in Koreatown. Just about a 10 minute walk away from Snow Monster is Homibing. If you're a fan of shaved ice, you'll love this place. Shaved ice is pretty much fluffy sheets of ice in your choice of flavor.

Most of their choices are presented on a plate, but this melon & mango flavor comes in half of a honey dew. The ice was very fluffy and one order is definitely enough to share between 2 people. The interior is nicely decorated as well for snapping those selfies with food!

We went in the late afternoon so the shop was actually empty. I would imagine going here at night time that it would be more full. We had a nice quiet time to ourself though. The flavors were very fresh and the space was nicely decorated. I wish there were more unique flavors as most of them were mango, strawberry, and green tea. 4/5

Salt & Straw
Venice Beach/Arts District

I'm currently having a bit of an ice cream obsession and I'm pretty sure Salt & Straw is to blame. We actually went to Salt & Straw twice while we were in LA. They have a huge choice of flavors including their classics (salted caramel is the bomb!) and also seasonal flavors (june is about recycled foods)

You need to visit at least one of the locations when you are in LA! These are the best ice creams I've ever had! 5/5

Miansai Tea Bar
Venice Beach

This tea bar was a hidden gem that we actually just came across while shopping in the area. We were pretty tired and thirsty and at the back of Miansai store (they sell bracelets/watches/jewelry!) there was a cute patio area with a bar that sells tea and kombucha.

The tables all had marble tops with a succulent on top. There were also plants behind the couches which made the place very instaworthy! The drinks were actually pretty good and it's a great spot to relax while shopping in the area. I wouldn't say you should go out of your way to visit this, but you might be strolling around Abbot Kinney and this is a great quiet spot to have some yummy drinks. 5/5

Go Get em Tiger

There are a ton of cute coffee shops around Los Angeles, and we chose to visit Go Get Em Tiger as it was on the way to Griffith Observatory. It opens at 6am so it's perfect for getting a snack in before beating the crowds at Griffith. They have a really good breakfast menu as well including this Soft Scrambled Eggs on Biscuit + Avocado. The food and drinks were tasty but nothing out of this world.

What we did really enjoy was the outdoor seating area. It was super big with lots of tables, chairs, and trees to add to the atmosphere! We came here pretty early in the morning and there weren't many people around, so we shamelessly took a few photos haha! 4/5

Which of these dessert places would you most want to go to?

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