Thursday, June 29, 2017

Super Leaves by Attitude - Worry Free Ingredients in Body Care + GIVEAWAY

There's definitely a trend towards consumers getting into more natural and green products these days but it's hard to find them at affordable price ranges! Today I'm reviewing a line up of items from Super leaves™ , a new collection by a Montreal based brand ATTITUDE that won't break the bank! Their main selling point is worry free ingredients (no cancer-causing chemicals) and the addition of extracts from leaves that boost performance in personal care products!

About the Ingredients
The two main ingredients featured as "Super Leaves" are the Watercress leaf and the Indian Cress leaf. These leaves are suppose to contain lots of minerals, vitamins and are known for their regenerative abilities. The extracts can help to strengthen and revitalize hair and to promote healthy and radiant skin. In addition to these two main leaves, there are different scents in the products and some feature additional leaves such as lemon (antioxidant, purifying and regenerative properties), olive (soothing and antioxidant properties), white tea (antioxidant, hydrating and soothing properties), and orange (antioxidant, regenerative and restorative properties.)

There are still quite a few ingredients that I can't pronounce but it seems like they are all either vegetable or mineral based sources.

The new brand has a full line up of products for both men/women. The range includes:
  • Shampoo, Conditioner
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Cream
  • Hand Soap

Natural Shampoo Volume & Shine- $9.95: This shampoo is made for those with fine, flat hair and want volume and thickness. It includes Soy Proteins to help with creating thickness. The product is a medium consistency clear gel and lathers up nicely! It rinses off without that squeaky feel. I used it for about 2 weeks but didn't notice any additional volume/shine (I rarely notice a difference in my hair with shampoos though) but did enjoy the product. It smelled like citrus and fruit even though the two special ingredients are soy proteins & cranberries.

Natural Conditioner Clarifying- $9.95: The conditioner was made for dull and occasionally oily hair. I think the shampoo would be doing most of the clarifying work in this set. The conditioner was a very light consistency so I think it would work well with the clarifying shampoo. This is really great as I like to only wash my hair every other day so it's nice to get a deep clean to get rid of the gunk! I do have to use quite a bit of the product though as my hair is so thick! The two ingredients are lemon leaves and white tea but it smells more like a subtle feminine face cream.

Natural Shower Gel Soothing- $9.95: Next up in my shower routine is the shower gel. This one includes white tea leaves to calm dry skin. The consistency was very runny so it would be best used in a loofah. The scent has a bit of musk although it's suppose to smell like guava and berries (maybe my nose isn't very good). I didn't notice dramatic results but my skin didn't feel tight when I got out of the shower which is great!

Natural Body Cream Nourishing- $14.95: To follow up, I've been using the nourishing body cream which contains olive leaf extracts. I'm on the fence about this product. First off, I love the nozzle of this as it sucks back in the products so you aren't left with dried product hanging around the rim. I also like the texture which feels a bit mousse like. However, the scent is not the most enticing, it's suppose to smell like pear and ginger but I mostly get a slightly sweet plant smell. Also I do feel a bit sticky afterwards. BUT my skin ends up feeling very smooth and soft so I don't know how to feel!

Natural Hand Soap $5.95- I realized that hand soap should be the first product you switch to natural! Often right after we use hand soap, we are eating or cooking. We probably end up digesting chemicals that are harmful to us. These soaps are a good size, affordable, and works just fine with natural ingredients! My mom says she likes the smell of the orange leaves one the best, and the soap rinses off easy!

The Super Leaves line also includes products aimed at men. These are housed in a dark grey packaging that would be attractive to men and women. The 2 in 1 product is pretty smart as it cuts down clutter in the shower. You can use it as a shampoo and a body wash! The Natural Body Cream is a thinner consistency when compared to the original. The scent actually is very similar so this would be a good alternative if you need a lighter lotion.

One thing I found really interesting was the Antipollution logo on the products! What it means is that 
the ingredients contained in this product decrease the adhesion of pollutants and detoxify hair and scalp. This is so intriguing as I find I sometimes feel like I have a build up of dirt. It is really interesting to learn that the Moringa Seed reduces our exposure to pollutants!

I'm really glad I found an affordable option for body products that include ingredients that won't be harmful for your body! Although none of the products created revolutionary results, they all worked well and was enjoyable to use! If you are trying to transition your products into more natural ingredients, this would be a fantastic way to start! Super leaves™ products are available at London Drugs or online at


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