Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vancouver Spas: skoah Yaletown facialiscious Experience

After 3 weeks in Europe using makeup wipes and just a moisturizer, my skin was in need of a good clean up! I was really excited to be offered a chance to try out a skoah facial services. Skoah is  a local Vancouver brand that started in 2001 and I've always seen their products and services but this was my first time going inside a store.

My experiences with facials and my skin type.
I've been to a few facials (usually tagging along with my mom) so I wouldn't say I'm an expert. But I do have a baseline expectation of what I would hope to receive. My skin is dry and my concern is usually related to hydration and brown spots. I usually only go about 1-2 times a year so it's more of a treat than a regular maintenance. 

What it's like inside the Yaletown location
The Yaletown store is on Hamilton Street close by to quite a few shops and restaurants. It's actually quite tucked away so you'll need to be looking for it to find it. You'll be greeted with products along both walls with informational posters as well. The girls at the desk got me set up pretty quickly and there was a good couch area with magazines to wait for your appointment.

There are 8 locations around Greater Vancouver and 7 elsewhere in North America. They are still very much a local brand but I hope they are able to open more locations soon!

The facialiscious kore facial review- 75 minutes
I did not realize that this facial came with a massage which was such an amazing added bonus! The treatment started with my skincare trainer asking about my skin and what I was hoping to achieve. Then she went ahead with a head massage that felt so amazing. Then I was given a deep clean, toned, and moisturized. At this point, my skin care trainer personalized the next step by using the aha mask which was left on the skin for about 10-15 minutes. While that was working, I received a nice foot/leg massage!

After the aha mask was taken off,  the trainer performed extraction on my blackheads around the forehead and nose. The service was professional and I asked my trainer a lot of questions and she seemed very knowledgeable. The end of the treatment was completed with a mask, serum, eye cream face lotion, and lip balm!

The actual treatment room was not as nicely decorated as I thought it would be. It's a bit plain but clean and comfortable! I walked out with my skin feeling amazing. The areas around my nose felt super smooth after the extraction and my skin was glowing. See below for a scary photo with no makeup on with crazy hair too. But I wanted to show a candid photo of how my skin looked a few hours after the treatment.

Try a facial for only $35!
I really enjoyed my experience and have to say my skin actually saw an improvement so it was more than just a relaxation session. Although I'm not sure I would splash out $120 every time, I would definitely come back for the power/fitskin ($85) or one of the targeted treatments ($45). It's almost the same but just a bit shorter and without the massage. If you're not sure facials are for you, skoah has kindly given me a special offer for my readers to receive a personalized 45 minute facial for $35 ($85 value)

Let me know if you end up trying skoah or where you usually go for facials!

*I was invited for a facial free of charge for review purposes*

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