Sunday, July 16, 2017

Laneige Two Tone Lipsticks Review + Demo

I first discovered Laneige when I went to Hong Kong on exchange in 2013! I bought some nose strips and also their famous sleeping mask. However, I didn't know where to find them in Canada but now Sephora stocks the brand!

A little while ago, I did an ombre lips tutorial which is one of the beauty trends in Korea right now. Laneige came out with these Two Tone Lipsticks which are suppose to create an ombre effect with it's pre made color combinations! I received 4 shades to test out and will be sharing my review and swatches!

Packaging: The lipsticks are in a sleek half white and half silver packaging. At the bottom of each lipstick, the color shows through clear packaging which is great for picking up the right shade in your collection. The way the lipstick twists up is very unique! Instead of turning in a circular motion, there is a clicker on the side of the lipstick. You just push down on the clicker and the lipstick will push up. I like that the packaging looks sophisticated and minimalist!

Formula: Each of the lipstick is very creamy and glides smoothly on the lips. The formula is light weight so you won't feel anything on your lips once applied. However as it's so creamy and light, I find it settles into my lip lines instead of gliding over. The staying power is actually quite good considering it gives more of a natural look. The colors stain a bit to help with the staying power. There is a light scent as you are applying but it disappears pretty quickly. Overall, the formula is nice but I wish it's a little bit thicker so it can hide more imperfections such as dry skin and lip lines.

02 Red Blossom

Starting off with my favorite shade out of the 4, Red Blossom is half red and half nude. The color contrast makes it very easy to create the ombre effect. For all the other colors, I used my fingers to dab, but this shade I can just purse my lips create a natural ombre look. The shade is also flattering on my skin tone as I prefer more bold colors as my lips are so pigmented!

02 Red Blossom before blending

02 Red Blossom after blending

03 Pink Salmon

This shade is half orange and half light pink. I think coral is a very flattering summer time color and this when blended gives a fresh natural look. The pink doesn't show up much on my lips so after blending, the orange tends to take over. I still like the final look but it's not really an ombre effect.

03 Pink Salmon before blending
03 Pink Salmon after blending
07 Cashmere Nude

I can't usually pull off nude lips and this is no exception. I think my lips are too pigmented so either nude colors don't show up or it just washes me out. This shade is half pink nude and half brown nude. Unfortunately when applied I can't tell the distinction on the lips and it ends up looking like one color. As you can see in the swatch it settled into lip lines a bit too much and is too light for my current skin tone.

07 Cashmere Nude after blending

11 Juicy Pop

This is the most unique color combination with red on one side and yellow on the other! This was the first lipstick I pulled out from the packaging and I didn't realize how to push up the lipstick and ended up smushing the top of the lipstick :(! When swatched I can see the yellow on my hand but it does not really show up on the lips. Once blended I can see an ombre effect as the red is much lighter towards the edges. But you won't get the bright yellow color if your lips are pigmented!

11 Juicy Pop before blending- ignore the slip up

11 Juicy Pop after blending

Left to Right: 02 Red Blossom, 11 Juicy Pop, 07 Cashmere Nude, 03 Salmon Pink

 I love the packaging and unique concept of these lipsticks but only 1 of these shades provided a flattering ombre effect on me. There are four other shades available though and I'm interested in trying the burgundy and berry toned shades. My favorite is definitely Red Blossom and I love being able to get an ombre lip without any work involved. These lipsticks are available at Sephora so give it a try and see which color combination works best for your lips!

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