Sunday, July 30, 2017

Paul & Joe Nail Polish in 34 Swatch & Review

During the summer time, I usually lean towards pastel nail colors. But I recently have been wearing this bold deep red and surprisingly really like it. In the ACI Beauty Summer preview, I received the Paul & Joe Nail Polish in 34. When I first got it, I stashed it away immediately waiting for the cooler weather before busting out such a deep shade. But I decided to give it a whirl to change up my pastel nails that's been on rotation and was very happy with how elegant it looked.

Packaging: The outer box is in the classic pink and white Paul & Joe packaging with a floral print. It's very feminine, elegant, but also playful! The nail polish itself has a floral design on the glass bottle and a long step with "PJ" engraved on the cap.

The brush is rather flat and average sized. It's not as small as original essie polish brushes but it's also not big like Sally Hansen brushes. I found it gave a nice coverage when I pressed down.

Shade: The shades are just in numbers and the one I'm reviewing today is 34. It is a bold deep red that is classic and sophisticated. There is a bit of a brown undertone to it. I really like that the finish is so glossy and shiny, even without top coat!

Formula: I used two coats for my swatch but you could maybe get away with one thicker layer. The color dispersed evenly and I didn't experience any streaking. Although it's usually to have a nicer formula with deeper colors so I'm intrigued to see how their lighter colors would perform. The wear time was average as it started chipping on the 3rd day although I didn't put a top coat on.

Smell: The last thing I want to point out was that this nail polish seemed to smell a lot less than other polishes. It doesn't have that chemically smell when you open it and once painted, it actually has a bit of a floral scent when it is drying. This was a really big plus as I didn't feel like I was filling up my house with toxins.

Overall, I was really happy with nail polish and how it looked on my hands. I can see why they would include it in a summer collection because it would be perfect for a nice dinner out. I will definitely be adding this to my rotation of other pastel shades when I want to shake things up.

What type of colors do you usually wear for summer?

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