Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara Review + Other New Eye Products!

The drugstore has been pushing out tons of great products in the past few years with some very interesting collections and much improved quality! I'm really excited today to review a few new Rimmel eye products that I have been testing out including their new Shake It Fresh Mascara!

Side note, Cara Delevigne is now the face of Rimmel, how cool is that!

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara

The new mascara by Rimmel features a shaker system that will refresh the formula whenever needed by just shaking the tube! The product is a lot heavier than a normal mascara and you can hear and feel a block inside when you shake. I tend to keep my mascara for longer than 3 months so this would be useful to refresh the formula! Although I usually have so many mascaras open at the sample time so I don't know if I ever really finish any of them.

The formula is on the light side. I get a very nice intense black tint, but I can't get much length or volume out of this formula. I'm not sure if it's just too runny right now as it's too "fresh"? But I get good separation and tinting and almost no volume. It's too bad as the medium sized natural bristle is just how I like my mascara wands.

I'm not sure how I feel about this idea as we probably shouldn't have more encouragement to keep our mascaras even longer (I do 6 months-9 months usually, yikes). Since the product is so new, there's no chance to see how it performs when it has a bit of time to just sit in the tube so maybe I'll come back into this post to edit my views later. But for now, this mascara doesn't give me the big lashes I want.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Bold

Just about a year or two ago, I was all about pencil eyeliners. But now, I can't live without my liquid eyeliners! I find the color pay off is much more bold and the precision for a flick at the end can't be achieved with a pencil! 

The applicator for this eyeliner is super unique! It has a tapered felt tip as usual, but then at the end, it's a ball shape! I thought it was be very difficult to use but it actually glides along my lash line perfectly and I can still be precise. The formula on this is fantastic! The color is very intense and glides smoothly on without and gaps. It stays on well all day but then is easy to remove at the end of the day. Big thumbs up for this product!

Rimmel Browshake Filling Powder

I have pretty naturally thick brows so usually brow products for me are to just define the edges a bit and to fill in any spots that may need a bit more color. I usually tend to choose a dark brown color so I was a bit surprised that this powder is grey black. 

It has a very unique applicator that is a rounded foam tip. There's powder attached to the applicator and you lightly sweep it across your brows for the powder to attach to your brows instead. I liked the idea, but having black powder was way too intense for the look I wanted. It also is a bit messy as if you wipe your brow during the day, you'll wipe off some of the product.

The brow product for a natural look is the Brow This Way Fiber Pencil. It is a simple pencil liner with no additional frills. But the unique thing about this is that the product is fibers which will attach to your brows. Rimmel compacted these fibers into a pencil format but you can definitely see fibers poking out on the corners. I found this easy to use and created a naturally defined brow. Although in comparison in photos, I can see why some people would want a bolder brow which would be better achieved by the Brow Shake.

Left to right: Rimmel Scandaleyes Bold (thick and thin stripes), Rimmel Browshake, Rimmel Brow This Way.

My favorite product out of all these new releases is the Scandaleyes Bold eyeliner! It's extremely versatile and fits all the criteria of a good liquid eyeliner. The Shake it Fresh mascara is the most interesting in concept but the formula unfortunately was disappointing. And depending on how bold you like your brows, one of the two products would be a fit for you!

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