Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Fragrances: Clean Lovegrass + Ultimate Beach Day

I featured Clean fragrances a few times on the blog before and I really love both their Cashmere and Sueded Oud scents. For summer 2017, they came out two brand new scents to capture the spirit of the season. If you've never smelled a Clean fragrance before, you might be pretty thrown off as it is very different from the designer fragrances full of floral and musk. Most of their scents essentially smell "clean" and you can layer scents to your preference.


The first summer scent is called Lovegrass and features the prettiest minimalist packaging. I really enjoy lying on grass in the summer time while enjoying a picnic. The scent surprisingly doesn't smell like grass at all. At the first whiff, I find it smells more like fresh air! But it turns a bit more floral as time goes on and even a bit powdery after an hour. The official notes show that it's very citrus forward but I don't really smell that. I do like that the inspiration was "getting lost in the grass" and the scent is very unique but I'm not sure yet if I'm a fan.

60ML $95 Cad

Ultimate Beach Day

In Vancouver, we try our best to squeeze in as many beach days as we can in our short summers! Now you can wear that scent throughout the year with the Ultimate Beach Day fragrance. The packaging is so pretty with an ombre pink to purple effect on the box and on the bottle. This fragrance is unlike anything I've smelled before and truly is beach in a perfume!

The fragrance remindes me of sunscreen, coconut, and a whole lot of sea salt! But the official main notes are Orange, Bergamont, and Lemon. My boyfriend thinks this smells like flowers but maybe because I know this is suppose to smell like a "beach day", I can only smell the sand, sea, and sun!

60ML $73 Cad

Both of these scents are very unique and I can't say I've tried any perfumes that are similar. However, I'm not sure if either would be my every day scent this summer. The idea of Ultimate Beach Day is amazing but I found the scent a bit too over powering for me. Both of the scents lasted around 4 hours. If you're looking for something new, you should definitely go find these at Sephora and give it a whiff! At the very least, the bottles are gorgeous and perfect for the season!

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