Sunday, July 23, 2017

Top Reasons Why YVR Observation Deck is the Best + Celebration of Lights Ticket Giveaway

It's summer time in Vancouver and that means it's almost time for the fireworks thanks to Celebration of Lights! This year the schedule will be July 29th (Japan), August 2nd (United Kingdom), and August 5th (Canada). I've gone to the fireworks almost every year but it's usually gets pretty tiring as you need to go early to save a spot and then try to rush out to beat the crowds!

This year, I'm so excited to experience the fireworks from the YVR Observation Deck thanks to the PR team and I'll also be giving away 2 tickets for you to experience it too!

Here are my top 4 reasons on why you should view the fireworks from the YVR Observation Deck!

1) Dedicated Bathrooms

Okay, I know this is a really weird one to start out with, but it's one of the first things that caught my attention. The line up to the bathroom is insane during Celebration of Lights and pretty gross as well. 
I feel like having separate bathrooms with short line ups is totally worth it. Fingers crossed this is the case!

2) Best Viewing Area
The bleachers are set up smack in the middle with easy access to all the food trucks! The bleachers will have the music playing so you can get the best view and the best audit experience.

3) Reserved Seating
This is great for people who have to work during the day or just doesn't want to spend all day out. If you buy a ticket, your seat is already reserved, so you have peace of mind and can show up right before the fireworks start!

4) Licensed Area
I love drinks and the bleachers are licensed! I know people still bring drinks to the beach but there's a pretty good chance the cops will make you pour it out! In the bleachers, you have access to a cash bar and can drink a cold beer any time you'd like!

If you don't want to splurge on the tickets ($49 is still a lot to fork out), I'm giving you the chance to win a set of two for August 2nd! This giveaway is only open for those who are able to attend the event and can not be transferred to another date. Winner will be announced on July 30th!

You have two ways to enter:

If you choose to go to the beach for the full day, there's tons of activities including free concerts from 4pm-9pm each night! Also on the 29th and the 5th there will be an airshow at 7:45pm! Celebration of Lights is such an iconic event for Vancouver summer time and I can't wait to check it out from the YVR Observation Deck!

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