Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vancouver Spas: $20 Treatments at NIC Spas

If you love going to the spa but don't want to dish out the price tag, I have the best news for you! There's a spot in Vancouver where you can get a ton of full service spa treatments for only $20! The spa is located at New Image College on Granvillle/Nelson which teaches courses related to Spa, Esthetics, and Film & Television. The catch is that the services are performed by students but they are all well trained and experienced so you'll be sure to have a professional experience.

I was really impressed by their range of services available as I thought there would just be a few basic options. Their $20 services include:

Body: There are 30 minute Swedish, cellulite, and back massages. Or you can pick more interesting treatments such as the Full Body Wrap, Back Facial and Reflexology.

Facial: There are a variety of 60 minute facials for your skin needs. For example there are anti-wrinkle, purifying, firming treatments.

Nails: You can get a classic 60 minute manicure or pedicure. There are also artificial sets available and a $5 add on to get gel application!

Hair Removal: Pretty much you can get any body part waxed for $20!

I went in for the Full Body Wrap which was done in the massage room as pictured above. There were 4 beds in room behind a door and curtains around each bed. There was no other guests when I went so the curtains weren't used, but I'm not sure if you would have to share the room with other guests if there are multiple bookings at the same time. The beds were comfy and clean but the speakers weren't working that day and also the face rest was cracking which was not pleasing to stare at. My esthetician was Olivia who did a great job first putting a salt scrub all over and giving an amazing exfoliation. Then she used hot towel to take it all off. Lastly she finished off with a massage with the jojoba oil and essential oil before I was wrapped up in plastic!

Then I went for a Reflexology treatment. I was very interested in how pressure points link to other parts of the body but I don't think I would do this again. It really hurts!! I was hoping for a foot massage but I guess I was being oblivious. The treatment felt very professional though and I could feel the improvement in circulation. I think this treatment would normally be done in the chairs pictured below but mine was done while I was lying down at the end of my full body wrap treatment.


  • I received quality service from estheticians who definitely knew what they were doing
  • Although it's not luxurious, the environment was clean clean and spacious
  • Each of the service is only $20!
  • There's a huge assortment of services to choose from


  • Speaker was broken so the esthetician had to use cell phone for music which sometimes stopped and other times went off for call.
  • The door to the massage room got opened and closed a few times while I was in my treatment. It might be because there was a special event that night but it interrupted the relaxation.
  • I had to wipe off the oil in the body wrap myself at the end, but I've never had another body wrap so maybe this is normal!

I feel like I can't complain much as I got a really nice treatment and normally it's only $20 per service. It definitely won't be a luxurious spa experience as the facilities are meant for teaching and helping their students. But rest assured, the quality of treatment won't be compromised as I felt the estheticians were very professional. The only downside is some of the facility amenities which I'm definitely willing to sacrifice a bit of luxury for the low price tag! If you want to visit, they are open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm.

*I was invited to experience the treatments free of charge for review purposes*

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