Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Aritzia Warehouse Sale Haul - 2017

It's the insane time of year when girls throw clothes all around in order to find the best deals at the Aritiza Warehouse Sale! I was lucky to go to the Friends & Family sale today but the sale will be open to the public until September 4th, 2017!

I wanted to share the deals I found so I apologize for the terrible photos! I wanted to get this up as soon as possible so you can see what there is. The sale is at the convention center and I'd say there are upwards of 75 rack so clothing! I really only covered 1/4 of it. The layout is done by pricing but really the items are everywhere.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Givenchy #NoirInterdit Mascara Review

There's been lots of innovation with mascara wands in recent years but I've never seen one in which the wand bends to a 90 degree angle! The new Givenchy Noir Interdit is the latest innovation in mascara with a brush that can be used straight or bent at an angle. It looks a bit gimmicky but how does it perform?

The luxury of the mascara is evident from the first touch. It's much heavier than most of my other mascaras and feels very sturdy in the hands. The packaging is classy and has a textured ribbon down the middle in the front and back. The Givenchy label is embossed and gives a nice 3D effect. Another thing I noticed right off the bat is the scent. There is a light rose scent in the formula that you'll be able to detect when you apply and in the first few minutes after. It adds to the whole experience!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Finding the Best Sales (Abercrombie, Club Monaco, Hollister, Urban Outfitters)

In the past few months, I have been going on a bit of a shopping spree. But in my defence, they were all during crazy deals (think 70%+ off regular price!) While these deals might not be available right now, I wanted to share the types of promos I found so you can wait for the next big sale! My current rule of thumb is to wait until there's an additional mark down on sale items for any pieces that are not must haves. Keep reading to see what deals I found!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Covergirl Oh Sugar in Candy Bonbon and Punch Cocktail

When did drugstore packaging get so cute?! Today I'm reviewing the Oh Sugar! lip balms from Covergirl and from first glance, I was in love! The packaging was so sleek and modern, nothing like when drugstore lip products were all just in clear plastic round caps!

There are 10 colors to this line and I'm trying out 2 Candy Bonbon and 6 Punch Cocktail. These lip balms are inflused with grapeseed oil, avocado butter and Vitamins C&E. Not only does it leave a light wash of color, it aims to soften and nourish your lips too! The color selection is quite diverse from a pale nude called Taffy to a dark berry shade called Gumdrop. All of the shades stay quite safe and wearable however in the nude, pink, and berry families.

I really love that the lid of each shade is color coordinated to what is inside. I can just imagine how cute this would be if I had all 10 shades lined up in my vanity! Candy Bonbon is a dusty rose that ends up being a very light wash of color and adds shine to my lips. Punch Cocktail surprisingly has a lot of pigmentation and gives a very nice juicy red look!

There is a light scent to both of these lip balms. It starts off smelling like lemons which I enjoy but then you get a bit of the old school lipstick taste that I don't enjoy. It feels moisturizing on the lips and definitely leans towards the function of a lip balm although it looks like a lipstick. I love that I can get the shine with no stickiness. You have to reapply pretty frequently but that's expected from a product of this formula.

Wearing Candy Bonbon

Wearing Punch Cocktail

The formula, packaging, and shade selection are all on point for the new Covergirl Oh Sugar lip balms! The only thing I didn't quite like was the smell but I'll get past that to keep these cute little things in my purse! If you are a fan of lightly tinted lip products, make sure to give these a try!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Guide to Taking the Prague to Budapest Night Train- EN477

If you are traveling to Eastern Europe, you're likely to visit both Prague and Budapest! Going between the cities is easy by train and there's even an option of an overnight train! There's a daily train leaving the Prague station around midnight and arriving at Budapest around 7am. This is a great way to save time and money! I'll be sharing essential information for taking the overnight train EN477 including where to leave your luggage, where to eat, how to find the cheapest tickets, and how to book a compartment.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Le Petit Marseillais Body Wash- Inspired by South of France

I don't think I've ever really blogged about a body wash before, but there's a first time for everything! New to Canada, Le Petit Marseillais brings a collection of body washes in scents inspired by the south of France. Apparently they are the #1 selling bodywash brand in France!

The company was started in 1981 with a cleansing bar. After being successful in France, Belgium and Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson purchased them in 2006 and now it's expanding in Canada! There's a set of five scents (1 not pictured) that's inspired by France.

The color packaging really drew me in and caught my attention right away. The logo is also adorable! It's of a small sailor boy, looking away while sitting on a window sill.

Shower Creme
Although these four are all shower cremes, the consistency between them is not all the same. Some of the scents are definitely more runny than others. However, all lather nicely and rinse off easily. I still need to moisturize after I get out of the shower, but my skin does not feel stripped. The official notes of each scent is listed next to the name but I'll try my best to describe what I smell.

Orange Blossom: orange blossoms, jasmine, vanilla, and musk
This one was a much lighter fragrance than expected with not a lot of orange. It was more lightly floral, fragrant, and with a bit of yogurt (maybe the vanilla?)

Lavender Honey: fresh and sweet lavender
This was a lot less lavender than I expected. It's a nice fragrant floral scent but the lavender does not come across as strongly as you might imagine. The honey scent however comes across and you can smell the sweetness.

Cotton Milk & Poppy: soft and powdery like cotton, balanced with fruity floral notes
You can envision the cotton from this soft and powdery scent. However, the fruity notes actually does balance it and it's quite the bright pop of scent in the shower! This one's probably my favorite as it's such an interesting contrast between the soft cotton and the juicy fruits.

Vanilla Milk: vanilla, ylang ylang, pistachio
I thought this one smelled a bit like Yakult (the Asian yogurt drink). It has a bit of milkiness but also a bit of sourness. It's a very interesting scent that I don't think is similar to any other body products I have.

Shower Gel
There is one other scent which is in the Shower Gel formula. While the rest of the products came out in a milky consistency, this formula is in a transparent gel formula. The effectiveness is the same but it is a lot more runny so it'd be better to use in a sponge as I waste a lot of product using it with my hands.

White Peach & Nectarine: juicy scents of stone fruits
There is a very fruit forward scent but without knowing it was suppose to be peach & nectarine, I think I would be scratching my head trying to figure out what fruits they are. The smell isn't artificial but just didn't come across clearly what it is. This is the most summer appropriate scent so if you want to prolong summer happiness, get your hands on this one!

These work well and actually retail for an affordable price of $7.99! I love the colorful packaging and it's the perfect addition to my shower!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Empties #3

I saved up my trash so I can give you a mini review! Surprisingly most items this time around are all things I really enjoyed! I can't believe the year is more than half done. I need to use up more makeup items for the rest of year, especially a powder product.

Tocca Florence :) The scent was quite unique with a lot of earthy notes, definitely made me feel like a sophisticated Parisian

Pixi Brow Gel Pen :) Very pigmented if you press hard, but easy to use once you get the hang of it

Ciate Wonderwand Mascara :) - Review: I really liked this mascara as it made my lashes feel plushy

Fusion Beauty Lashfusion XXL Mascara :) - Review: I was able to really build up my lashes with this mascara!

GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Flirty Dreams :/ - Review I loved this so much when I first got it but recently it sank into my lip lines but not sure if it's because it's old.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in High Stakes :) Huge fan of this color! I used it during the fall season so much!

I clearly chose to never wash my face! I didn't realize I used up so many cleansing wipes.

Equate Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths :) I only used these to wipe off swatches on my arms

Sephora Rose Cleansing Wipes :/ These were okay but I would have to scrub a bit and also the scent was a bit strong.

Sephora Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes :) These were so effective at taking off makeup!

Clean & Clear Facial Cleansing Wipes :) I received this as a sample on the streets and loved these. The product in here helps to take off makeup so easily!

Life Facial Cleansing Wipes :/

Bliss Grapefruit + Aloe Body Butter :) - Such an amazing summer scent and the formula is quite light

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masks :) - Review I liked this more than I thought I would but not sure if I would buy again.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost :) I gave this to my mom to finish but it was a good basic gel moisturizer

Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm :) This smells like you are rubbing exotic oranges on your body <3

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion :( The formula is uncomfortable on my hands, good smell though

Lastly, here are some items that I threw out.

Essence Longlasting Lipliner: This broke

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon: The pencil kept on breaking! It was already crumbled on the inside and I'm not sure why!

Revlon Photoready BB Cream: It expired May 2017, I'm so sad I didn't even really get to use it!

My empties bin was totally full but it didn't end up being too many products! It's such a hard balance between reviewing new releases and trying to finish up what's in my collection. Hoping for more progress next check in!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pixi Beauty GelTint & SilkGloss Review and Swatches

Today, I will be sharing one of my favorite products that I've tried so far this summer! The Gel Tint & Silk Gloss lip products are the perfect way to achieve a sheer and natural look! Each of these products retails for $12 and can be found at Shoppers.

Each duo has a tint which is a pretty watery consistency that ends up leaving a natural stain on the lips and then a gloss which adds shine. The glossy side is not sticky at all and just helps the lips feel moisturized. There's no scent to any of these products. To see swatches and in depth review of each shade, keep reading!