Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Aritzia Warehouse Sale Haul - 2017

It's the insane time of year when girls throw clothes all around in order to find the best deals at the Aritiza Warehouse Sale! I was lucky to go to the Friends & Family sale today but the sale will be open to the public until September 4th, 2017!

I wanted to share the deals I found so I apologize for the terrible photos! I wanted to get this up as soon as possible so you can see what there is. The sale is at the convention center and I'd say there are upwards of 75 rack so clothing! I really only covered 1/4 of it. The layout is done by pricing but really the items are everywhere.

Pelham Hat
Reg: $28
Sale: $9.99

I don't really ever look good in hats but I loved the mint stripe and I thought it would be a handy hat to have on vacation. If not only just for putting it on my face while I tan ;) There were at least 5 boxes of hats priced at $9.99 so lots of selection!

Diamond Mosaic Blanket
Reg: $85
Sale: $39.99

Are you even a Vancouvrite if you don't have a blanket scarf? I used to have one and my mom accidentally put it in the wash! There were about 10 bins of blanket scarves. Although most were not the super thick/super large sizes. You'll have to dig deep to find them but the prices were $29.99-$39.99

Alexander Dot Square
Reg: $40
Sale: $14.99

I've seen lots of bloggers tie scarves around their necks so I wanted to give it a try! This one is 100% silk and there were tons of small scarves around this price range in the scarf bins!

Damien Blouse
Reg: $80
Sale: $39.99

I needed more sleeveless blouses but I realized now that this discount is not the best from the sale. I saw quite a few of these around but mostly in S. I bought mine in XXS but XS probably would have been the best!
Crevier Knit Top
Reg: $85
Sale: $24.99

I saw these crop sweaters last season and am so happy I found one at the sale! There were actually tons of these in different colors available although I mostly only saw XXS or M or L sizes available. 

Terre Skirt
Reg: $160
Sale: $49.99

I recently bought a long floral skirt when I was in Europe and always get compliments when I wear it. When I saw this in the the change room, I had to snag it! I unfortunately did not see many of these around or other long pleated skirts.

Adidas Gazelle 
Reg: $110
Sale: $29.99

I don't need another pair of sneakers but this is an insane deal! There were a few buckets of each size of shoes on sale. There were only runners though! But the prices were between $29.99-$59.99.

Overall I found the prices to be really good! There were barely any items I thought the prices were too high. Pretty much if I found an item I liked, I was happy with the price! There was a large area for jeans that ranged between $29.99-$99.99. There were also Auxiliary and Wilfred purses for sale at about 50% off. The change rooms are still insane but I feel like most girls are now used to it!

Once again I apologize for the really low quality photos but it was pretty much dark by the time I got out! Have fun and let me know what you get at the sale! 

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