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Finding the Best Sales (Abercrombie, Club Monaco, Hollister, Urban Outfitters)

In the past few months, I have been going on a bit of a shopping spree. But in my defence, they were all during crazy deals (think 70%+ off regular price!) While these deals might not be available right now, I wanted to share the types of promos I found so you can wait for the next big sale! My current rule of thumb is to wait until there's an additional mark down on sale items for any pieces that are not must haves. Keep reading to see what deals I found!

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Abercrombie & Fitch

It's only been a few years since A&F landed in Vancouver and became more accessible for us. I remember in high school and university, I would drive down to the states to shop and the highlight of the day was visiting Abercrombie! The clothes and styles definitely lean towards the casual/student side, but there's always room for basics right? 

I stumbled on the site while they were having an extra 25% off all items and bought quite a few things. It doesn't appear to be a set timing every year but they do have a lot of items on sale throughout the year although not with the extra 25% off.

Product Image
Embroidered One-Shoulder Ruffle Top

Price: 9.60 CAD
Product Image
High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans

Price: 33.00 CAD
Product Image
Active Nylon Shorts

Color: BLACK
Price: 9.75 CAD

I forgot to keep track of the full price but each of these were about 75% off which is such a steal! I remember Abercrombie prices being very expensive. But since the styles don't change very much season to season, I'd really recommend waiting for sales on your favorite items (especially basic jeans!) until it's at least 50% off.

Club Monaco

This summer was the first time I bought stuff from Club Monaco! I remember asking one of my coworkers who always looks amazingly put together where she buys her clothes. Club Monaco was the answer but I thought the price was out of my budget! Twice a year, they have an extra 30% off on their sale items. The summer sale happened around late June-late July. Surprisingly the extra 30% off does end although some of the items stay in the sale section.

The Pallay Tank is a gorgeous pleated tank top that can be casual or dressy! I've been missing a top like this and it has been so versatile! It's originally $89.50 but I got it for $34.30. 

I've been eyeing the casual trench coat for a while now and was disappointed that the Aritiza ones did not fit well.  The Frederikka trench coat is a bit more structured but the scalloped edges make it more casual! This is $298 original and I got it for $139.3! I've been enjoying wearing this over dresses.

The pieces in the sale section are hit and miss. If you are not particular about what style you are looking for, you'll be able to find a good deal! But there's definitely no guarantee that the piece you've been eyeing all season will end up in the sale section!


Similar to Abercrombie, the styles at Hollister are very casual and tend to stay consistent season to season. I made my purchase around mid April but they tend to have sales through out the year! Just keep checking back until the item you want is about 50% off as there's usually a lot of products with the same look.

I bought this Ruffle Cold Shoulder Cami for $9.16 CAD.

I bought these high waisted ripped shorts for $23.95.

Urban Outfitters

There is one Urban Outfitters store in downtown Vancouver but I'd say it's not as easily accessible as some of the other stores I mentioned in this post. I also didn't know they had an online store until this spring! There's usually quite a few items online in the sale section but I made my purchase when they had an extra 50% off! The sale started in the second week of April! I hope it's a seasonal sale!

The thing I like a lot about Urban Outfitters is that they have a large selection of accessories and home decor items. I bought a pair of opaque black tights for $1.19 down from $20! The socks were also $1.19 down from $10 and the fleece blanket was $14.99 down from $59.

The worst deal of my purchase was probably this back pack for $23.99 down from $59. I really wanted a small backpack so I went for it even though it wasn't as heavily discounted as some of the other items. It was a bit disappointing as the pleather material was pretty hard and the turnlock was difficult to close!

I bought this barrel suede bag $14.99 down from $82! The style is not everyone's cup of tea but I feel it looks very high end. The only disappointing thing is that it's suede so one side is completely dirty from my jeans.

I also scored a set of drinking glasses, a bandeau, and a cold shoulder dress. I do find a few items were misses (drinking glasses, backpack) so I would only recommend buying online if there's a store nearby that you can return to.

Hope this helps you figure out how much of a sale you can wait for at your favorite stores! Let me know what deals you found recently!

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