Thursday, August 10, 2017

Le Petit Marseillais Body Wash- Inspired by South of France

I don't think I've ever really blogged about a body wash before, but there's a first time for everything! New to Canada, Le Petit Marseillais brings a collection of body washes in scents inspired by the south of France. Apparently they are the #1 selling bodywash brand in France!

The company was started in 1981 with a cleansing bar. After being successful in France, Belgium and Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson purchased them in 2006 and now it's expanding in Canada! There's a set of five scents (1 not pictured) that's inspired by France.

The color packaging really drew me in and caught my attention right away. The logo is also adorable! It's of a small sailor boy, looking away while sitting on a window sill.

Shower Creme
Although these four are all shower cremes, the consistency between them is not all the same. Some of the scents are definitely more runny than others. However, all lather nicely and rinse off easily. I still need to moisturize after I get out of the shower, but my skin does not feel stripped. The official notes of each scent is listed next to the name but I'll try my best to describe what I smell.

Orange Blossom: orange blossoms, jasmine, vanilla, and musk
This one was a much lighter fragrance than expected with not a lot of orange. It was more lightly floral, fragrant, and with a bit of yogurt (maybe the vanilla?)

Lavender Honey: fresh and sweet lavender
This was a lot less lavender than I expected. It's a nice fragrant floral scent but the lavender does not come across as strongly as you might imagine. The honey scent however comes across and you can smell the sweetness.

Cotton Milk & Poppy: soft and powdery like cotton, balanced with fruity floral notes
You can envision the cotton from this soft and powdery scent. However, the fruity notes actually does balance it and it's quite the bright pop of scent in the shower! This one's probably my favorite as it's such an interesting contrast between the soft cotton and the juicy fruits.

Vanilla Milk: vanilla, ylang ylang, pistachio
I thought this one smelled a bit like Yakult (the Asian yogurt drink). It has a bit of milkiness but also a bit of sourness. It's a very interesting scent that I don't think is similar to any other body products I have.

Shower Gel
There is one other scent which is in the Shower Gel formula. While the rest of the products came out in a milky consistency, this formula is in a transparent gel formula. The effectiveness is the same but it is a lot more runny so it'd be better to use in a sponge as I waste a lot of product using it with my hands.

White Peach & Nectarine: juicy scents of stone fruits
There is a very fruit forward scent but without knowing it was suppose to be peach & nectarine, I think I would be scratching my head trying to figure out what fruits they are. The smell isn't artificial but just didn't come across clearly what it is. This is the most summer appropriate scent so if you want to prolong summer happiness, get your hands on this one!

These work well and actually retail for an affordable price of $7.99! I love the colorful packaging and it's the perfect addition to my shower!

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