Sunday, September 24, 2017

Covergirl So Lashy Blast Pro Mascara Review

Mascaras are really easy to pile up and all of a sudden I realized I had 15+ mascaras lying around! So I thought I would do a round up of all my favorites (past and present). But before that, I wanted to review a couple more mascaras including this one from Covergirl. I just got my hands on this a few weeks ago and I believe it's still relatively new to the drugstore as well.

Name: Covergirl So Lashy Blast Pro
Shade: Extreme Black (5 shades), also available in Waterproof
Price: ~$9
Size: 13mL
Available at most drugstores

The packaging is in a classic Covergirl rounded tube format that reminds me of the Lash Blast days! What's special about this mascara is the 3 in 1 brush which claims to shape, mold and build lashes regardless of lash type. The brush design is pretty interesting with 4 distinct sides. Two of the sides feature a single row of curved bristles while the other two sides feature 2 rows of straight bristles. Then there's a ball tip that spikes out in all directions.

I found that I couldn't get much grip when I'm using this mascara. The brush itself has pretty short bristles and I feel like I can't grab my lashes well and it just kind of glides over. Also because the bristles are short, I feel like it's really easy to smudge my eyelid and undereye with the other sides of the bristles.

The color is quite a strong black and the formula is the perfect consistency. I just don't feel like I get enough control and ability to grip the lashes to build it up to as long as I want it to. It does the job but I prefer the Covergirl Total Tease mascara over this.

Mascara Ratings 

Big lashes: 3/5
Blackness: 5/5
No clumping: 4/5
No flaking/smudging: 5/5
Lashes feel fluffy: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Overall 25/30    B

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