Thursday, September 21, 2017

pixi + ITSJUDYTIME Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

I know that neutrals eyeshadows have been out in the market for some time, but this is probably the most versatile and high quality palette I've tried in a long time! If you haven't heard the news yet, pixi is now available in Canada! I would describe the brand as having a line up of products that lets you achieve a polished fresh faced look.

They recently released a few products in collaboration with big Youtubers and this eyeshadow palette was done with ITSJUDYTIME. The quote from her on the back of this palette was "I love having just one go-to eyeshadow palette for all occasions! This one contains all my favorite colours and effortlessly takes me from day to night". Although I've never really followed her, I have heard she puts a lot of time and effort into her videos and gives thoughtful reviews.

The palette is in simple pixi packaging with a clear top and the acrylic green backing. It is actually quite slim for a 12 pan palette and would be amazing for travel. It lacks a bit of creativity compared to other brands but I do think the packaging stays true to pixi's brand image. The palette comes with a little mirror that you can stick on wherever you want. But I find the reflection not that clear and it ruins the look of your palette as you have this silver rectangle that fills up 1/4 of the space. I do like that they considered they are missing a mirror but unfortunately it wasn't very functional.

All of the shades are so smooth and pigmented! It almost feels a bit like putty as the powders are so soft! It's hard to find a palette without one dud but all the shades in this palette are super high quality. Also I find recently that a lot of palettes contain shades that look similar or would not be flattering on me but I can see a purpose for all of the shades! Each of the pan is quite large so you don't need to worry about fitting in larger eyeshadow brushes. I've also used some shades for highlighting and some could probably be used for contouring! 

The top 3 shades were a bit hard to swatch. But in real life, these are so pigmented and also pigmented when applied to eyelids with a brush!

Snowflake: The lightest shade in the palette, it is a shimmery beige shade. This would be best used as a highlight or inner corner.

Bubbly:  Similar to Snowflake in texture and formula, this shade is a shimmery gold. I really like this in the center of my lid for a pop of reflection.

itsmommyslife: For days when I'm really lazy, I like to use one shade all across my lid and this satin finish warm brown is a great fit!

Good Morning: This is currently my most used shade and is a matte midtone brown great for blending. The picture here shows it as being really warm but I find it quite neutral.

Brick: This shade is going to be gorgeous for the fall and is a satin maroon.

Honey Bear: This is similar to Good Morning but just a touch darker. I would use this when I'm looking to have a more defined crease area. Matte nude brown.

The bottom two rows start getting into darker colors. The formulation on all of these is still super soft and pigmented with the exception of the black which is slightly more sheer and chalky.

Tu Tu: Here we have another matte shade but this one is darker and warmer. This is perfect if you are doing a rosy eye look.

Getaway: I'm a fan of shimmery shades and rose gold colors so this was one of the shades that really attracted me. It is a gorgeous shimmery copper shade.

Ping: If you think all the shades are leaning too warm, this shimmery taupe color is the perfect way to tone it down or make it more cool.

Dark Chocolate: This is the deepest matte shade in the palette and is great for blending into the outer V for more definition!

Aww Snap: This is actually lighter than Dark Chocolate and is more of a rosy blending color. 

Night Night: The only shade that wasn't fully pigmented was this black shade with purple glitters. I can see why they would make this more sheer though as it's much more wearable like this. I use this when I'm doing a glam look and really want to deepen the outer corners or line my lashlines.

Overall, all the shades have a purpose and I can definitely achieve many day and night looks with this palette! On a side note, maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but I found it quite refreshing to see shade names not being puns of being "nude". 

If you still don't have a neutral palette that you are 100% happy with, you should definitely pick this one up!! Or if you are looking for a palette to travel with on a longer vacation, this will be able to give you many different looks! I'm a big fan of this and have been using it for day time work looks and night time glam looks!

What type of shades do you normally gravitate towards?

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