Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stila One Step Primer and One Step Correct Review

I feel like this is the year of the primers as every brand seems to be coming out with more variations. I have personally been loving wearing primers without foundation as it provides a sticky base for other powder products to stay!  I have dry skin so I love that primers these days have been trending towards the moisturizing texture instead of the silicone texture. Today I have two new primers from Stila to introduce to you!

Stila One Step Prime 
$47 CAD
Available on Sephora 

New for Fall 2017, Stila introduced the One Step Prime which claims to prep, smooth and nourish skin. It contains 15 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For those with sensitive skin, this product is oil-free and fragrance-free.

The bottle has the gorgeous helix that is typical of Stila primer products. When you pump out the product, it comes out in a mix of the clear gel and the white cream. It has a slight cooling feeling when first applied. The primer is very easy to rub into the skin and leaves a slightly tacky finish which is perfect for grabbing powders and keeping makeup in place. It definitely helped to make my skin feel very smooth too!

Stila One Step Correct 
$47 CAD
Available on Sephora 

This product is super fun to look at as it has 3 colors that make up its helix. The green is suppose to color correct, the peach brightens, and the purple nourishes. When you pump out the mixture, you can actually see all three colors which is really fun! When you blend it together, it ends up looking more of a brown color. But I do find it actually does take away the redness on my cheeks!

It is very similar to the One Step Prime in texture. It feels like a lightweight gel and dries with the smallest bit of tack. My skin definitely feels more smooth.

I really love the feeling of my skin after using either of these products. My face feels smooth but also with a tiny bit of tackiness to hold on to powder products. I tried to do a test to see whether it prolongs the wear of makeup but it does not appear that I can see a definite difference. This is best for someone looking to smooth out their skin but not necessarily for extending the wear of their makeup. I think it's especially great for girls with dry skin as it has a moisturizing factor to them. I found this to be a really nice base to smooth the skin especially for when you don't want to wear foundation. 

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