Sunday, September 3, 2017

Zoella Beauty - Jelly & Gelato

If you watch beauty videos, you most likely have heard of Zoella. I swear when I first started reading beauty blogs in high school circa 2009, I followed her blog when she only had a few thousand followers! Or I'd like to think I "knew about her before she's famous". She now has 11 million followers on Instagram, ah!

Anyways, she now has her own beauty line and the Jelly & Gelato collection launched in July 2017 and is available in Canada! There are 8 bath products and one matching makeup bag. I actually like that it's such a small range as I feel each product is quite different. I was sent the Shower Cream, the Shower Gel, and the Bath Wafers for testing!

The packaging of this collection is adorable with lots of pastels and fun geometric shapes. The concept behind the collection is very innovative too as all the names are related to desserts! I found the scents of the 3 products to be very similar! I can't quite pinpoint what it is but it is definitely fruity! It's not overly sweet actually and actually not a scent that I've noticed in other products before!

The Shower Sauce is a liquid gel body wash. The formula actually has quite a bit of viscosity if you can imagine getting big droplets of the product versus the gel running out of your hands. It lathers off well and I love filling up my shower with this scent.

The Shower Shake is shaped with a straw coming out of the top like a smoothie! How adorable! It's a similar scent but in a cream texture. This product is suppose to be more moisturizing but I do find that I still need to use body lotion once I get out of the shower. 

Lastly, the Pink Bath Wafers are similar to bath bombs. I don't really like taking baths so I haven't used this yet. You can get two uses out of this product! But the halves are still pretty big so I feel like you could get away with 4 uses! The scent is the same but smells quite concentrated in the block! It would be a really fun treat if you enjoy baths.

Overall the collection is definitely geared towards the younger demographic with the cute packaging and fresh scent! I personally love the pop of color it adds to the bathroom and really enjoy how it leaves me smelling! The products are available at Rexall and London Drugs so definitely check it out!

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