Sunday, October 1, 2017

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Nude

A new season always brings me to try new fragrances. The newest release from Givenchy is all about being delicate and mimicking your own skin. Dahia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude is touted as the quintessence of delicateness and is described as a radiant and caressing fragrance. It is definitely difficult to describe a perfume over the internet but hopefully this post will inspire you to smell it at your nearest store.

The bottle is delicate and so beautiful. Both the label and the perfume liquid is in a rosey nude shade which fits the theme perfectly. There's also gold detailing around the neck that adds a bit of luxury. It's a pretty simple bottle considering all the crazy designs these days but it is definitely still a piece I'd probably display on my vanity. In fact, it's actually displayed on my coffee table right now.

It's hard to categorize this perfume as it's floral, fruity, and a bit musky. The must evident notes are apricot, osmanthus, jasmine and blond wood. For me, I mostly smell a fresh burst of fruits right off the bat. It's hard to identify exactly what type of fruits but if you imagine apricots, you can definitely smell it. I also get quite a bit of cream and vanilla which is probably the musk.

The spray is perfect as it distributes the the perfume in a fine mist, so you won't have any issues with water droplets. I find I can get about a half day wear out of this which is fine. The scent starts off stronger than I expect it but I'm used to pretty light scents. Don't be put off by the label saying eau de parfum nude, there's definitely still a quite concentrated scent in this perfume.

This perfume makes me feel delicate, feminine, and also very comfortable in my own skin. This is gonna be such a beautiful scent to wear through the fall and winter season!

The 50mL version is $107 and available at Shoppers Drug Mart while the 75mL version is $131 and available at Hudson's Bay.

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