Sunday, November 19, 2017

Essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff- Holiday Gift Guide

I can't believe Christmas is coming up which means it's time for beauty gift reviews! Today, I'll be sharing a no-brainer gift for any beauty lover: the Essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff. The gift set features 4 minis that will in a leather like finish. Intriguing? Yes! It also comes packaged in a super cute box which looks like a Rebecca Minkoff purse which I actually have!

Side note, if you don't know, Rebecca Minkoff is essie's global color designer! Very cool!

Each nail polish is 5mL but the brush feels just like the regular size. I actually like mini sized products as I never finish products anyways and polishes end up getting thick and goopy before I can finish them. The four polishes sit comfortably in a heavy duty plastic try. The outer box is packaged as if it's a Rebecca Minkoff purse and is so adorable!

The shades are inspired by Rebecca Minkoff's fan favorite leather bags but they do lean towards the holiday theme. I'm not sure if I've ever seen the red, blue, or green bags? It retails for $18.99 which is a fantastic price point for a pre packaged gift and you can find this at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Cross Body Heat: My favorite shade of the pack, this is a purple lilac that is in the same shade as the box packaging and the real purse. It's not very Christmas/holiday friendly but when it comes spring, I'll be wearing this shade all the time!

Tote-ally in Love: The next three shades seem more holiday inspired as I don't recall seeing any purses in these shades.This one is a classic Christmas shade and is a deep true red.

In Hot Purse-uit: I kind of wish this was a gold to round out the collection but this shade is a royal navy blue. It is a beautiful striking shade but I'm not sure if it's holiday or purse inspired.

Back in the Saddle: Lastly, we definitely need a green to to represent the Christmas trees. This one is a nice deep forest green which I have been loving this season.

The most interesting part about these polishes is definitely the leather finish. It gives off a gritty appearance which surprisingly does look like leather but still feels very smooth to the touch. The closest way I can describe it is that it looks like when you touched your polish before it dried down and left a finger print, but in a nicer way.

You can use a top coat though which will usually leave a glossy finish. If you want to keep the leather finish, I would recommend either not using a top coat or using a matte top coat. Each of the polishes also look like they have glitter in the bottle. But once applied, none of them are glittery and instead gives off that pebbly leather appearance.

I love the unique inspiration and the adorable packaging of this gift set! It's extra luxurious as it feels like a essie + Rebecca Minkoff present all in one. For a friend that enjoys makeup, give this gift for an adventure combining nail polish with fashion!

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