Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kiehls Best Sellers - What You Need and What You Don't

I knew my boyfriend was a keeper when I saw all his Kiehl's products around the shower and bathroom. I surprisingly have had little exposure to the brand until this year when I won a prize pack from Coquitlam Centre for a few skincare items under the Calendula collection and now recently when I received a package of Kiehls' 6 best sellers!


Although the brand is always innovating, there are some core products original to the brand that have lasted the test of time and are consumer favorites! I'll let you know if they actually live up to the hype or if you should look for other options. I've listed them in order of favorite to least favorite.

Ultra Facial Cream- $36 50mL
One of the originals from the brand, the Ultra Facial Cream is so lightweight but packs a ton of moisture. It is made for harsh weather so it has been so great for me through the fall transition when I normally get very dry flaky skin. This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling super smooth and plump when I wake up in the morning. I can't believe something so simple actually works so well.

Creme de Corps- $41 250mL
I never thought I'd like a bland scented body lotion but this formula is a savior for my dry skin! It is a pretty pricey body lotion but think of it more of a skincare quality cream for your entire body. Instead of just glazing over with temporary moisture, I really feel like the product sinks in and plumps the skin. It also keeps me hydrated overnight so I wake up with smooth skin too! There's nothing fancy or frilly about the Creme de Corps but it will change your dry skin guaranteed!

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque- $36 125mL
I've recently gotten into the clay masque craze and the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque was extremely effective! The texture is thick but smooth. There's not a strong scent like most other clay masks I've used. This won't dry too crackly on, or maybe I didn't leave it for that long, it says around 10 minutes. It left my face feeling extremely smooth and did not dry out my skin!

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash- $38 200mL
I was always told to stay away from foaming face washes as they dry out your skin, but this one is very gentle on the skin. I use it to wash my face and take off my makeup in the shower and it is able to do both very well. It also doesn't sting the eye which is a plus! The formula is a pretty thick gel when you pump it out, and it turns into a creamy foam. However, I don't notice too many other differences since using it a few months ago.

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado- $39 14g
The Creamy Eye Treatment has a light yellow/green color and also a hint of a fragrant/nutty scent. The cream is quite light in texture but when you spread it around, it doesn't like to move around, which is what probably helps it not migrate into your eyes. Then after you massage it a bit, it turns into a gel texture and your fingers just slip around. Lastly, it turns back to a creamy texture and dries down surprisingly fast. It's a very interesting texture but the cream feels thick and I have to tug at my eye area to spread it. Also I haven' noticed any changes since using it.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate- $57 30mL
I feel like I'm going to get slapped for this, but the Midnight Recovery Concentrate was probably my least favorite product. I was never really into face oils and I really didn't like how it felt that it coated my face with oil but still feels dry. I also don't notice any differences when I wake up. I tried it one night when I had some bumpiness on my chin and woke up with the same bumps.

In addition to these products, I also wanted to share the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner. This product is full of real flower petals and does not contain alcohol. I tend to have red cheeks but when I use this overnight, I wake up with more even skin tone. I also like to use it when my skin is feeling inflamed, and it totally calms down my skin!

I'm also now using the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. I used to always love unique scented hand creams but now that I'm at a fragrance free office, I realized the difficulty of finding a scent free moisturizer from a cool brand.

Overall, I am really impressed by the effectiveness of some Kiehl's products notably the Ultra Facial Cream and the Creme de Corps. I'll definitely be having those products around my house year round to keep my skin hydrated and smooth! If you are unsure of the products, visit any Kiehl's store, they are super generous with samples! Or check out some of their holiday gift sets, it's a great way to sample out many items at a discounted price and super cute packaging!

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