Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kiss NY Pro Cosmetics Hexa Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Brown- Review, Swatches, Demo

Earlier this fall, I was introduced to Kiss New York Professional, a brand new line of cosmetics in Canada with the motto of "Be Your Own Pro". I was already familiar with the Kiss Products brand which features false lashes and press on nails which are perfect for special occasions! But this my first time trying out cosmetics from the Kiss NY Pro brand.

Today I'll be reviewing the Hexa Palette in Nude Brown. I also used their Magical Ink Eyeliner and Intensif-Eye Liner to complete the look. You can find all of these products exclusively at London Drugs or Rexall!

Name: Kiss New York Professional Hexa Eyeshadow Palette
Shade: Nude Brown (4 palettes)
Price: $9 USD
Size: 10.5g
Available at London Drugs, Rexall, and online

Nude and neutral eyeshadows have been all the rage for a while. Now, brands are finally coming up with new combinations but the drugstore is playing catch up with lots of neutral eyeshadow palette offerings still. This palette would be aimed at those beginner makeup enthusiasts still lacking a small neutral eye shadow palette. If you already own a great neutral palette, these shades are really not going to be very different from what you already have.

There is a beautiful range of dark to light shades in this palette. However, all of the shades are shimmery if not glittery which makes it difficult to use as a standalone palette. I'm also a bit confused why the biggest shade is this light champagne as that is usually just used as a brow bone highlight. You'll also see later in the photos that it's very shimmery so it's hard to use as an all over base. 

The shades are pretty soft and creamy to the touch. The lightest 3 shades lacks the pigmentation I would want in colors that can pop on the lid. They also contain more glitter than I would like so you'll really need to pack the shadow on your lids to avoid fall out. The darkest 3 shades though are very pigmented and good for all over or darkening the crease. The shades are pretty fool proof so even if you are a complete beginner, you'll create a polished albeit standard neutral look.

The back of the cardboard box gives 3 different ideas on how to use the shades. It's a good resource for those looking for basic ideas. The packaging itself is pretty sleek and closely tightly but I do wish that it comes with a mirror. 

I put colored happy faces on the shades to describe them more easily in my demo. None of them have shade names and they are all "browns" so I thought this would be easier!

Left Eye: For this one, I did a very standard day time smokey eye. I started with a combination of the blue and orange on the outer 3rd of my eye. Then I put red as a pop in the middle of my lids then blended inwards. Lastly, I used the grey with a fluffy brush to blend above my lash line so there are no harsh lines. Lined with the Magical Ink Eyeliner.

For my bottom lashline, I first used the Intensif-Eye Liner in Intense Brown and then smoked it out with the blue.

Right Eye: I wanted to use the green which was the most beautiful when swatched. I put it all over my entire lid. Then I blended using grey just like the other eye. I was hoping I would create a different look but it ended up looking very similar even though I used a different technique and different shades.

The Magical Ink Eyeliner is an extremely black liquid eyeliner. I love the pigmentation and long wear time! The Intensif-Eye Liner also claims a long wear time but unfortunately washes away from my water line pretty quick. As a test swatch, it did stay on the back of my hand for 12+ hours though with no smudging. The formula tugs a bit at the skin as it's less on the creamy side and what helps it stay smudge proof for longer.

The eyeshadow quality is not bad, but 3 of the shades are a little less pigmented than I would have liked. However, This palette really only gives you the ability to create one look which is a midtoned neutral. There are many other drugstore eyeshadow palettes including neutral shades that would let you have more creativity and flexibility.

I would definitely recommend the Magical Ink Eyeliner as it's reasonably priced at $9USD and does everything you would hope a liquid liner would do. The eyeshadow palette and the Intensif-Eye Liner though would be a pass for me.

Are you still looking to add more neutral palettes to your collection? What's the best one you have?

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