Monday, November 27, 2017

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection- Review and Swatches

I have mixed feelings about celebrity collabs as sometimes it just feels like their name was slapped on to a product. But I am blown away by the Maybelline x Gigi Hadid collection terms of packaging, choices of shades and colors, and the quality of the actual makeup! I only just got my hands on these but wanted to share my first impressions ASAP as they'll be available in stores soon and you'll want to be first to get them!

I'll try to do a full review including demo of the products on my face but for now I share my thoughts on my first impressions and also swatches on my hands. Enjoy!

Eye Contour Palette- $16.99
Warm or Cool
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These two palettes are inspired by Gigi's classic go-to natural eye look. You can find a mix of matte and shimmery colors. I love the color selection as it's very wearble but doesn't just contain neutral browns. It's very creative and different from all the drugstore nude palettes out there.

The warm palette is under the LA Glow collection and definitely exudes a sunset/dusk feel similar to recent eyeshadow palette releases. The eyeshadow includes names of Gigi's favorite places on the West Coast such as Fire House which is named after Gigi's distinct childhood memories of living across the street from a firehouse.

All the shades swatched well and I'm most excited about the shimmery orange shade! This is definitely up my alley and although not typical looks for winter, it will be amazing for spring and summer.

The cool palette is under the NY Glam collection and also features shades named after memorable spots from Gigi's childhood such as Butterfly Lane, and Carbon Canyon which are roads where she has lived. Although it's a cool palette it's not a smokey palette which is a nice change! The colors can definitely create a more sharp and sophisticated eye look and there are two good matte shades for blending.

The light gold and the matte purple were not as pigmented and smooth as the others. But I love the shimmery pink shade and the shimmery beige shade.

Eye Contour Brush and Eye Shadow Brush - $12.99
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To go along with the eyeshadow collection there are two eye shadow brushes. The bigger brush is the all over eyeshadow brush. The smaller brush is the eye contour brush which has a narrow point to allow you to contour in the eyelid crease. Both have very soft bristles although might be a bit too big for my eyes.

Fiber Mascara in Black - $14.99
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This mascara is based on Gigi's favorite mascara formula from Maybelline Japan. It is a dual ended mascara with one side having a fiber brush tip and the other a normal black mascara tip. I didn't like the fiber mascaras I've tried so far but glad this one has a choice.

 Liquid Eyeliner in Black- $12.99
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To achieve a precise cat eye, try the Master Precise Liner. It has a long felt tip that is easy to control but also firm enough to draw a very steady line. I think the formula is the same as their normal liquid eye liner but it comes in the beautiful light pink packaging along with the collection.

Liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner in black, gel eyeliner in nude

Gel Eyeliner - $12.99
Nude or Black
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If you prefer a more smudged look or for using in the waterline, the Lasting Drama Liner might be a better option. The cool option is a bold black while the warm option is a nude which can be used in the waterline and inner corner. The black one was very intense and smooth but the nude one came out patchy, broke, and now is swatching quite smoothly.

Tinted Primer - $12.99

I love tinted primers as they provide moisture to my skin while adding a bit of coverage. The two shades in this collection are light/medium or medium/dark. The light/medium shade is still a bit dark for me so unfortunately it's limited to a smaller range of skin tones. But I do love the formulation as it's very moisturizing but doesn't stay sticky or wet. Or you can use this just on the areas you would normally contour for a natural contoured look.

Liquid Strobe - $14.99
Gold or Iridescent
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Highlighters are key to completing the look and this collection has one warm in Gold and one cool in Pink. The formula is really beautiful and there is definitely an iridescent glow to both. The gold shade comes out in a copper bronze color and once blended out it gives a gold glow. You can probably use this as a bronzer as well as it is so dark. The cool shade is very interesting as it comes out white but almost invisible when blended out. When it catches the light though it's a beautiful light pink/opal glow!

Color Sensational Lipsticks - $11.99
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There are 6 shades in total in this collection and I have McCall, Erin, Khair and Lani. All the names are personal to Gigi which is a really neat touch. For example Erin is named after Gigi's make artist Erin Parsons. The formulation of these is top notch! Every shade was pigmented and slid on the skin smoothly. Although these are suppose to be matte lipstick, it definitely is more creamy and gives off a little bit of shine. I much prefer this to a matte look so I am a big fan!

Khair and Lani looks almost the same in the tube but quite different when swatched.Khair is a lot more of an orange while Lani is a blue based red. Both are extremely pigmented and easy to apply.

The NY Glam colors are more of her signature nude looks with a mid toned beige and a mauve berry. Again, the shades applied really smoothly and pigmented. Also, I thought McCall was going to be way too pale based on the tube but was surprised at how wearable it actually is.

The pricing in this collection is definitely on the high end for drugstore but the packaging is beautiful and the quality is impeccable. You can really feel that Gigi has added her personal touches to the proudcts and shade names. My favorite products are the Liquid Strobe, LA Glow eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks (all of the shades)! But honestly there's not really a dud in the entire collection!

The products are currently available on and but will be available in stores starting December 5th, 2017. If you are interested in the items, I'd definitely recommend you to in early as I can see a lot of these items selling out.

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