Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Most Popular Posts in 2017

It's always crazy to think about how far I've come. Sometimes as a blogger you feel like everyone else's photos are better, or they have much better engagement. I just wanted to take the time to create this post to celebrate my own successes and be grateful for how much progress I've made. At the end of this day, I created this blog to provide helpful thoughts on products I tried and I hope to be continue to improve my content! This will be my last post of 2017 so without further ado, here are my top 10 viewed posts this year!

Travel Diary- Sunshine Coast

I love recapping my travel experiences and I wish I did more blog posts from my previous vacations! But it's never too late! I'll be dabbling more in travel posts in 2018 so I hope you guys enjoy it. For my first mini getaway in 2017, I went on a weekend trip to Sunshine Coast and I shared the essential info and also where we stayed, what we ate, and what to do! There's also a map pinned with all the items mentioned so you can easily see if it fits into your itinerary!

Quo Matte Revolution Foundation

A post that surprised me is my review and demo of the Quo Matte Revolution Foundation. I actually never heard of Quo before blogging and it's only sold at Shoppers. They actually make very good quality products but I feel with the heavy competition at the drugstore, the simple packaging is easy to look over. But if you are interested in a full coverage foundation, check out this review with swatches and demo.

Skoah Yaletown Facialicious Experience

I love finding new spas to visit and Skoah has been on my list for a while. I was invited in to try out their Facialicious treatment which was absolutely fantastic. If you can get your hands on $35 offer coupons, definitely give it a try. Quite a few of my friends said they used mine and had a great time!

Matrix Biolage Raw

Another post that really surprised me on this list is my review of Matrix Biolage hair care. I don't normally talk about hair care as I find it hard to see difference between brands. I did like that the brand used very natural ingredients and that the packaging looks like smoothie bottles!

Stocking Stuffers: Beauty Gifts Under $15

A post that just went live a week ago made it to my 10 most popular posts in 2017! As part of my gift guide series, I shared stocking stuffers under $15! These are perfect for gifting coworkers or secret santas when you have a very small budget. Although Christmas is over this year, it's a great reference for next year.

Mary Kay Glossy Gloss Review

Ah, Mary Kay. I was introduced to the brand a year and a half ago and their products are a bit of a hit and miss. Overall though, I'm usually pleasantly surprised! The Mary Kay spring 2017 collection featured the prettiest packaging, and I kept all the boxes too! I really enjoyed these Glossy Gloss products so be sure to check out the swatches. I think I get quite a bit of page hits as the Mary Kay consultants retweet my posts and swatches.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Looks

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes ever is the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. At the start of the year, I created a few different looks using the palette. Then, I tried to baby it by storing it away and I'm kind of sad I haven't used the palette more throughout the year! I'm not sure if any of you guys are still interested to see me feature this on the blog as I feel the craze is over now.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale Haul 2017

I did an Aritzia Warehouse Sale haul a few years ago and that was a hit too! I had the opportunity to go this year through the Family and Friends day and I tried to put up this post ASAP so you guys can see if it's worth lining up for! Verdict is that there's always great deals at the sale, but you have to go prepared ready to spend 3-4 hours and lots of hunting!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light

I received the IT Cosmetics CC Cream to test out in the Summer but it wasn't until October when I actually started using it and now I'm obsessed. IT Cosmetics is new to Canada and recently got stocked at Sephora! Maybe there are less blog posts about them but I got great hits on this review. Go check out my swatches and full face demo!

Hot Summer Beauty Products

This was a fun round up of new releases in the summer time from Almay, NYX, Saje, 7th Heaven, Batiste, and Real Techniques. I feel like this style of story is more similar to what magazines would publish and I actually don't do too many of them. But I guess it is actually quite popular! I think I got a lot of my views after Saje shared on Twitter.

Are your top viewed posts the ones you expected? What do you do to drive more page views to your blog? I hope you all had a fantastic 2017 and have goals to achieve even better things in 2018!

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